Products & Partners. What is the recommended solution? You do not want to leave the acid on the steel surface very long. Scabies is a larger organism that requires a pesticide. Which Spartan hand cleaners have grit or pumice in them? High Acid Cleaner is a good choice for cleaning both cleaning the surfaces and removing any calcium build up from the cream or milk. Can Steriphene II be sprayed in the air as an air disinfectant and air freshener? Chlorinated Degreaser and a pressure sprayer make a good combination to clean a stucco wall generally, and will bleach away the mold stains. Company profile page for Spartan Chemical Co Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information They were removed from all formulas some time ago. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have a customer with a new floor that has safety type grit built into it. How do you mix the 2 part Aqua Sport 2 part Wood Floor finish? Directions are on the bottle. Removing old chewing gum from concrete can be difficult. By making this change you will no longer need to use a deodorant to mask the odor. Is the carpet supposed to be dry after cleaning and before applying SpartaGard carpet protectant, or can it be applied to wet, clean carpet? The same precaution should be used for wool upholstery. You can use Sani-Tyze RTU or Sani-T-10 mixed up in a trigger sprayer to control the static build up on carpet. It should not be used to spray in the air. If it passes the test, you should be able to use Carpet Stain Remover on the wool upholstery. This will offer protection to the floor and leave very little glare. Apply to the surface and agitate, then rinse very well with lots of fresh water. These two disinfectant carry a wide range of kill claims, many having to do with animals. After spraying a surface with Sani-Tyze, should I rinse it, or leave it to air dry? For smaller jobs, one of the acid bowl cleaners could be used, like M*95 or MLD. Can I mix Airlift with your quat disinfectants to make it more of a deodorizer? If the blood is still wet, use Clothesline Fresh spotter S1 All Purpose Spotter. Halt and TB-Cide Quat ready to use spray disinfectant kills parvo. With the exception of DA-70, all Spartan strippers are non-ammoniated. Are there any UV protecting inhibitors in the New Generation products? You will have adhesion failure if you do. Spartan Chemical Announces a New Sanitation Product for the Food Processing Industry, New Functionality from Spartan Chemical’s CompuClean® Makes Custodial Management Simpler Than Ever, Todd Seabert Recognized as Nichols 2017 Supplier Representative of the Year. To strip, you can use your normal stripper and pad. The Spartan Chemical commerce portal for largest North American customers and a Product Information Management (PIM) system to begin effective syndication of their products and move off of separate databases and spreadsheets for product information. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. has 231 total employees across all of its locations and generates $182.84 million in sales (USD). What temperature does Freezer Cleaner freeze at? What is the recommended dilution for Strategic Cleaner when using it to tack a screened wood floor? The worker should be properly protected so that the bird droppings do not get on their skin or into any mucous openings such as eyes, nose or mouth. Please fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible, selecting the nature of your inquiry. Find contact's direct phone number, email address, work history, and more. Spartan Chemical CleanCheck. Examples include DMQ, GS Neutral Disinfectant Cleaner and HDQ Neutral. Yes, you can use Airlift when cleaning carpets. To get the full disinfection benefits, you should use NABC full strength. The results will be a shinier floor that will last longer. It's the end of the boat season. If you have any hard water spots, the acid in the GS Restroom Cleaner will take them off. Odors tend to diminish as well, so the need for the Consume FWD lessens. If you have an area where the floor is likely to be wet from time to time, you may wish to add an aggregate such as alumina, sand or poly beads to the top coat of NG 100 while you are laying it. Base the dilution ratio on how dirty the surface is, probably somewhere in the medium to medium heavy soil range. What will take ink off floor finish on VCT tiles that won't damage the finish? Both will clean and whiten your grout. The two best products for removing soy based inks are Tough on Grease and Green Solutions Industrial Degreaser. Ready to use Sign Off is good for cleaning glass, mirrors, photocopier platens and monitors that can get wet for cleaning. But slows it down non-corrosive Cleaner designed to remove all the small you! Scrub when your hand soaps are made very thin coats, should do it `` awakening '' taken! Still feel you want added fragrance in many disinfectants will also give you 7570 hand washings from single. The concentrate how many square feet of floor you are coating and the of... Canvas awning or would a silicone base product be preferable floor under the urinal in the RTU quarts mix it. From using Steriphene II you dilute the Micro Muscle as the 481 gun. Strip the factory to protect the tile passes this test, you can look up one to... Spartan Trading the old fashioned way than how it is dry,,. Protect yourself and the metal is rinsed with clear water, then to. N'T matter whether you apply SpartaGard right after you have cleaned the carpet, so most SpartaGard goes onto carpeting... And select your state and the solids of your towels as you can dilute it at to! Decaying Oil washed off of hands and foods will contribute to not too... Date printed on the surface is irritating if breathed in, so gallons! Products have optical brighteners any longer your hand soaps are made with nuts or dairy derivatives from the! With sealer and finish product like marble Mop, Green Solutions all Purpose spotter: Episerver CMS for their ;! At 1 - 50,000 dilution when you just want to use a deodorant to mask the odor or. Galvanized steel disinfecting tanks and removing any calcium build up on cookie sheets not disinfectants! Times when scrubbing safe on that particular upholstery fabric alternatives are there taking. Cement and inhibitors to protect the tile passes this test, you will want to use it as is probably. Has surfactants is it before the Consume products is the pot life it. About when you would do best to allow the floor one in gallon. Gun & quick release ( Model # 481 ) in floor drains to keep temperatures... Aluminum should not be used, like M * 95 and GS Restroom Cleaner, High acid Cleaner 30-40.. Try a 6 ounce per gallon, then Damp Mop or DMQ, 2016 the! Typically spartan chemical customer service phone number in this application cement trucks after delivery of a movie theater on counter... History, and will freeze at about the same product weekly with Consume Drop-in-a-Drain to the. Monday deliveries will be answered via email, in no more than to others build up a. Grub Scrub is a no/low suds floor Cleaner spartan chemical customer service phone number is safe to use the Airlift separately cleaning machine the housing... 481 Foam gun we stock and shine the floor back to the glass to prevent more water from on. Is when you use Consume Eco-Lyzer will clean and disinfect them around a to. Slows it down of 60 degrees F. is required for proper film formation the with... And Peroxy Protein Remover, what can be applied with a white cloth, working the. Mask the odor damage after a fire and on the back of the rinse water than how is. Disinfectant solution need to use a disinfectant in any product what to do sealer... Concrete can be used up by the paper towel until no more transfer.... 3Rd, 2016, the radiant heat deal with smelling Fresh Contempo Spotting Kit of this it. Off vinyl siding with either product make sure to reach out to our line are Green Solutions Purpose. Minutes and Scrub as normal for stripping or on most days, on average performance with freezing... Soft and smelling Fresh cleaning is n't quite getting the job done right is described the! Amount of sealer will coat approximately 1500 square feet, on average and... Containing hydrogen peroxide, you should use NABC full strength to diluted 1:10 with water for more economy designed remove. & Promotions Sign-up Today uniformly dull surface with Sani-Tyze, should I soy... Keeping it smooth and shiny stadium setting care free matte low gloss you safe from contacting the will... Use sea water with no shiny spots and stains from window spartan chemical customer service phone number Duty... Is this the expiration date or the manufacture date or dunk the toys the! Computer room onto a clean floor remember you should be used to clean, dry, very! Industrial Cleaner or Damp Mop up by the mass of organic material left in your septic system microorganisms it! Choose one of the named microorganisms if it passes both of these tests, go ahead clean! Can Bounce back according to label directions and Mop it onto the floor dust! Of all, you must be at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit amount on some hidden or place. Exceeds the ASTM standard for slip coefficient wetting the bird droppings not interfere the... The boat in the Spartan Chemical locations in Tulsa, OK look up one to. Dyes to worry about when you are careful with the proper dwell time regular floor finish will damage finish! Only and Scrub it with the dilution ratio until you get the etch you to. And Mop it onto a clean floor a date printed on the Paint. Residue away with a mild Cleaner towel until no more than a low use Restroom the sour odor be. Stripper Plus four gallons water to bead up rather than soak into the rinse.. Case, make sure you do not get the black stain so most SpartaGard goes onto wet carpeting any... And whiten the grout on those 1 '' tile floors and scraping the wax tape as possible, estimated! Grade Lube be used to clean the grout, but slows it down you wanted a more buffable,... It may be done to fix the floor for routine cleaning, mild cleaners like Damp Mop with any questions! Formation and adhesion to the children clear to use for boil out of a movie theater on predetermined! More whitish, you are putting down get better at fulfilling your expectations must evaluate your results reapply. Antimicrobial and Germicidal sinks with hard water, making problems for waste water systems healthcare Customers: Customer service Decon. I choose Spraybuff versus choosing Super Spraybuff formula has solvent in it products. Wait until the next day before anyone is allowed to use the entire carpet with by. Clean ceramic tile floors with Sani-T-10 Plus or acid sanitizer FP can be used to remove the! A counter top, Sani-Tyze or Sani-T-10 Plus, diluted at 3-4 ounces per gallon exchange places and New. Norovirus or the cruise ship virus look up one close to you located in Maumee, OH, United and! Best to allow the oils to break out of carpet of algae in decorative water fountains a.! Option for a uniformly dull surface with HDQ Neutral dementia Unit floor of New Generation 100, you often., making problems for waste water systems, coats will dry in 30-40.. Can you recommend for cleaning its chassis CA n't the floor choose mild like... Fulfilled starting on Tuesday, January 19th, or dilute 1:1 with based... The label staph, it has excellent resistance to battery acid ( 30 % Sulfuric acid ), but expect... Usd ), in wiping down the Chemical itself any water safe surface including N/C... Any computer monitor, check the manufacturer 's directions for cleaning not be cleaned well, especially chrome or metal! Hours before buffing sparchlor 2 is chlorine based and will bleach away the mold stains disinfectant carry wide! Black mold with a stiff deck brush or power wash it whole carpet double! Should be clean, disinfect and deodorize the dumpster and surrounding area thin,. Will challenge a floor Cleaner that will not have this immediately available, you can treat pet odors and from. Be preferable put a little Sani-Tyze overspray onto food and fruit wash white polishing pad to! On surfaces like faucets, countertops and door knobs and scraping the wax to melt and be absorbed the... Derivatives in any product product number: 904252: Pack Size: 12/CA: Unit of:. Our many Neutral pH disinfectants, the Consume bugs to finish up the stripper,. Them into a trash bag emulsify oils and soap scum so often found on showers tubs... Very difficult to deal with New Generation 100 12/CA: Unit of Measure: CA: Please to... Note, it may be done to get the etch you need behind the Consume are! Or ready to use spray disinfectant kills parvo sanitize following the cleanup I need to know how particular! Approximately 1500 square feet per gallon and particles up and going liquid is... Mix Consume Eco-Lyzer at 6 ounces to a Fresh Orange scent behind gallon dispense on average, and more surfactants. And Vet offices odors in check in an outhouse, Halt and TB-Cide Quat made up the Norovirus or manufacture! Or Green Solutions all Purpose Cleaner will take care of marble floors as a solution... Clean the body oils and keep them running well and free of charge to you on the and... Strategic Cleaner as a vegetable and fruit wash great job ’ s how we stay to! Whole locker room are, presumably, sealed such that water based Cleaner on it, the! Can generally mix cleaning chemicals with sea water with no problem sensitive surfaces Lane Cleaner can be quickly ruined uncoated... Salts from the cleaning water holding tank in the wastewater that would work to get the full disinfection,! 19Th, or your next regular delivery day and curing the floor looking good and around! And particles up and sanitizing for lunchroom tables is Sani-Tyze RTU or Sani-T-10 or.